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Dallas Alexander and Quinton Dilsey, two church kids, traveled across America in 2014, looking to discover a portrait of American Christianity, one church at a time.

As a Church Kid (born and raised) Dallas Alexander spent countless Sundays among the faithful, growing up in his little whitewashed country church. But as he and Quinton Dilsey prepare to set off on their cross-country travels, Dallas reminisces on some of the troubling questions that made such a trip become a reality in the first place. Not least of which is in a world of competing religions, all contradicting and disregarding each other, what makes Christianity unique? How can anyone know the religion the believe is more true than anyone else's? And if those questions have no answers then why even be a Christian at all? This is part one of an American Wayfarer Limited Series exploring the role of Christianity in Modern America through the eyes of a simple, small-town Church Kid.

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CBC1 - A Church Kid

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