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We Missed a Deadline :(

We really thought we could get American Wayfarer Magazine issue 2 up this month but... life gets in the way. Partly due to some unexpected personal life events and partly due to something Dallas belligerently refers to as his "real job," we just weren't able to squeeze it out. It is close to being finished. Dallas (primary writer on the project) assures us that, barring unforeseen cataclysms, Oregonian Oddities will be publish-ready within five days. So we only barely missed it.

But miss it, we did. We are a young company with mighty ambitions and we have no intention of letting this become a trend but until American Wayfarer is raking in enough cash to sprinkle wheat pellets into our writer's food dishes from time to time, we suppose we have no choice but to stay flexible in regards to our team's "real job" work schedules. Thank you for your patience and rest assured: late is not abandoned. We will be publishing American Wayfarer Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 in the next few days for the regal price of $.99 (or approximately 4.5 wheat pellets in today's economy). Thank you, again, from all of us. - The American Wayfarer Team


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