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We Met A Deadline!

Please give us a moment while we pat ourselves on the back. *pat pat* Today marks the publication of the first of a planned bi-monthly publication called American Wayfarer Magazine. This first issue explores the history of the little town of Bombay Beach, California, a once-thriving tourist hotspot that has suffered more than its share of misfortunes. At 60 pages, its a little larger than our planned typical format but we worked hard and it and would love it if you'd give it a look.

Our next American Wayfarer Magazine issue isn't scheduled until August 1st, but don't think we are just laying in the sun counting our toes. We have a lot of projects in the work just now (probably too many for the size of our team) that will be keeping us busy in the meantime. We don't want our blog to write checks our schedule can't cash but to give you just a quick idea of what we are working on... Dallas Alexander is currently finishing the first volume of a limited series titled Church by Church, a travelogue of a trip he took across the country back in 2014 visiting Christian churches, trying to get a feeling for modern America's Christian culture. Dan Hackett is compiling research for August's issue of American Wayfarer Magazine exploring southwest Utah and the early settlements on the Virgin River (which famously runs through Zion National Park). And Homer Nelson, our resident crusty old man and Wild West nerd is compiling annotations for an American Wayfarer edition of the early American autobiography classic: "Narrative of the Life of David Crockett," written by the legendary frontiersman himself.

We've got other things cooking, too, but its probably best not to get too ahead of ourselves... We will try and keep this blog better updated in the coming weeks. We hope you'll join us as we waddle our way forward.

- The American Wayfarer Team


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