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No News is Good News?

Things have been a little quiet around here since we launched on April 1st and we apologize for that. But for what its worth... there is a reason. So here is our housekeeping bulletin. WHY HAVE THINGS BEEN SO QUIET? Mostly, that is the fault of our primary travel writer: Dallas Alexander. Since April 1st, the poor little bugger has been running around the country like crazy handling some personal crisis and also trying to get ahead on work because...

WE ARE PREPARING TO LAUNCH Our flagship title moving forward. American Wayfarer Magazine will be (we hope) a recurring bi-monthly publication focusing on a specific location in the United States and the little stories that make them unique and (we hope) interesting. Issues will range between 48 and 54 pages and be for sale here on our website for $.99 - $1.99 depending on length and work required. We plan for this line to be our primary publication moving forward with longer "American Wayfarer Presents" type productions to be released (we hope) quarterly, circumstances permitting. WHAT IS IT? American Wayfarer Magazine is the manifestation of our SCHITE method of content creation. While most issues will be anchored in a single location or topic, as long is it relates to American Society, Culture or History and can be explored via Investigation, Testimony, or Experience, its free game. We expect to have to falter our way along for a while while we find our feet but that's ok. We are a small little organization and we will do our best to respond to your feedback and improve every chance we get. WHEN IS IT? Our first issue of American Wayfarer Magazine is already well in the works! We are aiming to release it as close to June 1st, 2022 as circumstances and the mental wellbeing of our writers allow. We hope you'll check it out!


We know things have been quiet, but we are working hard to get ahead of deadlines so we can establish and stick to a regular release schedule and keep things moving in the right direction. Thank you! - The American Wayfarer Team


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