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Better Late than Never

American Wayfarer Magazine volume 1, Issue 2 is now for sale

Not to overstay our welcome, but we just wanted to give a quick rundown on what our team is working on... Dallas Alexander is working on volume two of our limited series "Church by Church," about a long trip visiting Christian churches back in the simpler days of 2014... Dan Hackett is working on October/November's issue of American Wayfarer Magazine. He has opted to delay his Utah research because as it turns out there is a lot of it. Hackett's current project details the history of the city of Twin Falls, Idaho and the momentous effort that went into taming the Snake River and watering the Magic Valley. And Homer Nelson, is working on his annotated edition of Daniel Boone's autobiography, and while we don't have a release projection on that yet we are hoping it will be in the next few months.

Thanks to everyone who sticks with us even as plans change and life gets complicated. See you all soon.

- The American Wayfarer Team


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